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Swatches are here!!

For the most part they all came out awesomely! The colors are bright and vibrant! The only ones that need work are the purples, I think I'll drop yellow from the hibiscus pattern - the color shades aren't working too well and blend together - and I need to lighten the gray on the gray plaid.

Other than these mishaps, plaids, more colors of spots and stripes will now be available! You'll also have the choice of choosing hibiscus patterns on other designs! *u* Go crazy!!
They're brighter in person. You know how photographs always dim things down... you know now that I look at it more I like the purple plaid. That one stays. All but the gray plaid are available. I think I'll adjust the yellow and see if I can make it work. Thinking out loud now. Anyway I hope you all like these! Also even though I don't have a photo, the stripes ARE available now! If you want to order stripes before I get the charts up, just tell me which colors you want the stripes to be using this as reference.

Happy Fashioning!